New website of NCS Vizag is live now ****** Congratulations to ALL the Students of Class XII & Class X (NSB & 104) for their excellent performance in CBSE Board Exam 2019. ***** Highlights of CBSE Results 2019: #Class XII>> 100% Pass, all first division, a total of 21 Students in class XII scored 90% & above marks in aggregate, Centum Scores in subjects CS and PE. ***** NCS Vizag bagged C-in-C Rolling Trophy for Excellence in Academics for the year 2017-18 (4th time in a row). ***** NCS Nausena Baugh stood State-Level No.1 (Andhra Pradesh State) & District Level No.1 (Vizag Distt) Co-Ed Day School for the year 2017-18 in the School Rankings released by EducationWorld. School has received this honour for the 3rd consecutive year. ***** NCS VZG received EducationToday Award - Ranked #1 in AP/Vizag & #9th among Top Indian Military Schools.

Guidelines for Parents

The school’s objectives can be fully realized only with total parental co-operation. A few points for parental co-operation are listed below:


1.    Kindly go through the guidelines given below.

2.    Ensure that the diary is carried to school by your ward every day. Please check the diary every day for entries from the school and also use the diary for communicating with the school staff.

3.    Ensure strict adherence to the prescribed uniforms, cleanliness and personal hygiene of your ward.

4.    See that all required text / notebooks and stationery are carried each day to the school according to the time table.

5.    Check if homework and other assignments are completed.

6.    In case your ward is lagging behind in any subject, immediate steps should be taken in consultation with class teacher and subject teachers to make good the deficiency.

7.    You are requested to refrain from making critical comments on the teacher’s observations in the diary because it is not in good taste.

8.    You are welcome to communicate in person your constructive suggestions for improving the performance of the child. In addition, you can also give suggestions to Chairman, NCS (VZG) on email ID

9.    Furnish to the school the latest office and residential address and telephone / mobile numbers by making an entry in the diary. These are vital and in the interest of the safety of the students. The mobile number will also assist in communicating through ERP system.

10.  Pocket money to your wards is to be restricted, and should only be sufficient to cover minor requirements. No money is to be given for events organized by the school unless asked for by the school.

11.  Expensive articles like video games, cameras, cell phones, calculators, jewellery are not to be brought to school. In case of violation of this rule the articles will be confiscated.

12.  The school bears no responsibility for articles lost in school.

13.  Transportation facilities will not be provided by the School.

14.  Distribution of gifts to children and teachers on birthdays is strictly prohibited.

15.  Progress reports are to be collected on time.

16.  Ensure attendance at all PTI’s for effective rapport with the teachers.

17.  All parents automatically become members of the PTA from the day the child is admitted to the school. They cease to be members when their wards are no more on roll. There is no entry fee for membership. A subscription of Rs.150/- per annum per parent has to be paid towards the PTA fund. Executive Committee may also decide to make adhoc collection to enhance the fund.


Parents must produce the Progress Report or the marks statement of the previous school while seeking admission in the middle of the year. This is essential for helping their ward during promotion.

 III.  Withdrawal from School

1.  On Disciplinary Grounds A student may be suspended / expelled from the school by the Principal, on the advice of the Discipline Committee, for bad conduct or bad behaviour as it is detrimental to school discipline.

2.  Non-payment of fees Non-payment of fees after the end of the "Payment Month" will render a student liable for removal from the school.

Re-admission is possible but subject to clearance of all dues and availability of seats.

 IV. Transfer Certificate 

1.    Application for TC is available at the office. 

2.    Application for TC is to be given at least a month in advance. TC will be issued only on clearance of all dues. 

3.    Duplicate copy of TC is not normally issued. Duplicate copy may be issued on production of an affidavit that the original TC has been lost.

4.    Parents applying for TC before the school’s promotions for the session will be issued TC/progress cards stating that the results are awaited.

5.    Students seeking admission into classes IX and above from other states should have their TC endorsed by the Regional Office, CBSE or District Education Officer.

V.    Interruption in School Routine is to be discouraged

1.       Parents are requested to keep the student at home in case of illness. In case the illness is aggravated during the course of the day, it will be difficult for the school to contact the parent or take the student to the hospital.

2.       Parents are advised to refrain from requesting for permission to send children late or take them away early.

3.       Permission for students to arrive late or leave early is to be requested (through the diary) only under rare and unavoidable circumstances.

4.       Parents are advised not to request for permission to take their ward to the hospital / doctor / family clinic and then to bring the ward back after treatment as the routine of the school will get disturbed.

5.       Parents are requested not to fix appointments for the ward with the doctor during school working hours.

In order to maintain discipline in school, parental monitoring and  co-operation are solicited.