New website of NCS Vizag is live now ****** Congratulations to ALL the Students of Class XII & Class X (NSB & 104) for their excellent performance in CBSE Board Exam 2019. ***** Highlights of CBSE Results 2019: #Class XII>> 100% Pass, all first division, a total of 21 Students in class XII scored 90% & above marks in aggregate, Centum Scores in subjects CS and PE. ***** NCS Vizag bagged C-in-C Rolling Trophy for Excellence in Academics for the year 2017-18 (4th time in a row). ***** NCS Nausena Baugh stood State-Level No.1 (Andhra Pradesh State) & District Level No.1 (Vizag Distt) Co-Ed Day School for the year 2017-18 in the School Rankings released by EducationWorld. School has received this honour for the 3rd consecutive year. ***** NCS VZG received EducationToday Award - Ranked #1 in AP/Vizag & #9th among Top Indian Military Schools.

Rules & Regulations

The following abridged but salient rules are for strict compliance:

     I.     School Diary

  • The school diary is to be brought to the school every day.
  •  All entries in the diary from the school should be shown to the parents and entries made by the parents to be brought to the notice of the relevant school staff.

     II.    Attendance

  • Regular attendance to school is essential. The minimum requirement of attendance in the academic year is 90%.
  • Leave is given to the students on prior application from the parents. In unavoidable circumstances, the absence would be regularized on the day of rejoining the school with a valid leave note from the parent.
  •  All leave applications are to be submitted on separate sheets of paper for the Class Teacher’s record, if the leave exceeds for more than one day.
  • Student absent on account of illness is required to submit valid medical and fitness certificates.
  • Students suffering from any sickness, especially any communicable disease, should not attend school during the period of illness even if it is during tests or exams. They must re-join only when fully recovered and submit a Fitness Certificate from a doctor.
  • Absence without prior intimation for a longer period of time will result in the removal of student’s name from the roll.
  • Retest will only be conducted on the basis of health grounds (on submitting the medical certificate) or if the student has represented the school in sports and has been unavailable during the period of the exam.

III.  Discipline

  • The School aims at behavioural elegance and the inculcation of discipline, individually and in groups, while at school, in the school buses or on organized trips.
  • Irregular attendance, negligence towards home work, disobedience or disrespect towards staff or bad moral influence, may lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Any damage to school property or to the school buses will be repaired or rectified by the offending student. It may also entail disciplinary action.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises or playgrounds during school hours. Permission to do so will be granted only by the Principal / Vice – Principal / Headmistress.
  • Navy Children School students should display polite behaviour wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
  • Bullying and foul language is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
  • Students should greet their teachers when they meet them.
  • A student who uses unfair means during tests and exams will be given ‘Zero’ in the subject and the parent will be summoned. Repetition of the offence will result in the dismissal of the student.
  • The School has a “Discipline Committee” which will deal with disciplinary cases.                  

       IV.  Punctuality

  •  All students are to be present in school 5 minutes before the scheduled time. The School gate will close after the second bell rings at 7:40 a.m for Nausenabaugh, at 7:45 a.m for 104 Area School and 9:00 am for NSB and DH KG wing.
  • Three late arrivals (unless prior permission has been sought) would lead to students being sent back home. 

       V.   Library

  • Utmost care is to be exercised by students while using the library books. Books will be issued from Class IV onwards with borrower’s tickets. The books are to be returned within 7 days. Failure to do so will lead to the imposition of a fine. Books lost or damaged will have to be replaced.
  • Students of classes X and XII will be required to return all library books in order to obtain a no-dues certificate from the librarian before obtaining the CBSE Examination Hall Ticket.

       VI.  Dispersal 

  • The pickup and drop of students to and from school is not the responsibility of the school.
  • Students who use the Navy buses are expected to maintain discipline and decorum while dealing with fellow passengers, the driver and the conductor. 
  • Route numbers have been specified for buses and will be indicated in the bus pass of the student. Students are to use only those buses for travel to and from the school.

VII.  Bus Rules


  • All enquiries regarding the Naval School buses to be addressed to OIC, CT Pool.
  • Bus Pass should be carried daily.
  • No student may change his / her bus route without informing Class Teacher.
  • Bullying and use of foul language is strictly prohibited.